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Action plan

Action Plan of DAC for the year 2014-15 incorporates the following studies viz. (i) Studies identified by the World Bank Mission, (ii) Independent Studies entrusted GIFT (iii) pilot studies proposed by GIFT, (iv) the studies proposed to be initiated by DAC on filling the vacant positions and (v). Studies identified for outsourcing. The budget proposed for carrying out the above identified studies would be worked out within the sanctioned limits as per the Project Implementation Manual (PIM) and incorporated in the Action Plan of DAC for the year 2014-15. The total budget as per the Action Plan 2014-15 is Rs. 245.87 lakhs under the following approved budgetary heads : (a) Remuneration –DAC - Rs. 70.97 lakhs (b) Administrative Expenses - Rs. 23.23 lakhs (c) Research projects - Rs. 96.05 lakhs (d) Data collection &Analysis - Rs. 8.01 lakhs (e) Training & Workshops - Rs. 7.61 lakhs TOTAL - Rs. 245.87 lakhs Read More